The purpose of this book is to educate our community and law makers on what it is actually like for a woman, in Australia, to go through sexual assault trauma and its aftermath.

I have shared my experiences to highlight the systemic injustices in our legal system and the desperate need for an overhaul of laws in the area of sexual crime.

I want to make it abundantly clear to you, as the reader, that the offender in my case was found NOT GUILTY on ALL charges, by jury trial in Queensland District Court.

I have recalled the details with honesty and integrity. I have endeavored to make this book as factually accurate as possible.

I have written this book with the assistance of my Police Statement, the Court Transcripts, journal entries, emails, text messages and my memory.

It is for both legal and moral reasons that I have changed names and identifying factors of persons mentioned within this book, to ensure their privacy is respected.

This is my experience, my perspective, my story and my opinion…… no one else’s.