This is the first book by Trish Wyatt which has come to fruition after she survived a horrific life-threatening rape and her fight for justice in what she describes as a barbaric, outdated, and cruel justice system.

Trish grew up in South-West Sydney attending a local catholic high school, she completed Grade twelve in 1995. Her passion for social services was sparked after supporting her mother through some serious mental health issues and is when Trish returned to study as a mature age student and went on to obtain a Bachelor of Applied Social Science.

Trish enjoyed a vast career in social services including her first role at The Wayside homeless drop-in centre in Kings Cross Sydney to the rural and remote communities of Roma and surrounds in Queensland. Trish worked with some of our most vulnerable and forgotten members of our community, and she did so with the utmost compassion, empathy, and respect.

Trish has four children and was married for 20 years until she ended her marriage in 2017. Trish now resides in beautiful regional Queensland. Trish with her four children, her fiancé Jamie and his three children call themselves ‘perfectly blended’. Trish and Jamie are due to be married in October 2022.